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Drawing on experiences within women’s spirituality groups for the past ten years, as well as experiences of creating group ritual within these spaces, I am passionate about bringing the healing and enlivening power of ritual to individuals and communities. I believe that the roots of ceremony lie deep within all of us. Our bodies and hearts know these ancient ways of connecting with each other, with our deepest selves, and with our earth. My work centers around helping people remember ceremony and incorporate it into their lives. My business, Incorporating Ritual (, is a vehicle through which I offer consultation services for creating self-designed ceremony as well as facilitation of ceremonies for life events personal and communal, large and small.

The Ritual of Writing

Yesterday, I decided to write. So I sat down with my computer and a mug of hot chocolate, and I wrote. Words poured out. I tend to edit as I go, so perhaps the process could better be described as … Continue reading

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Beautiful Blogger Award

I’ve received another award!  Sammiwitch from The Life and Times of a Forever Witch has nominated me.  (She, unlike me, is a consistent blogger, and she writes thoughtful and informative entries on combining reverence for the natural world with a consciousness of the unseen, … Continue reading

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Lovely Blogs

And my formal acceptance of the One Lovely Blog award: thank you Neferet (Stay for a Spell)! So, 7 things about myself: I will be turning 30 next Monday. I love to read and have been known to skip meals … Continue reading

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Creating Sacred Space

Welcome to those who are finding me through a link from Neferet (Stay for a Spell)!  I admit to being an inconsistent blogger, which is something I find hard to forgive in myself, but, there it is. I have been … Continue reading

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What Is Ritual and Why Are We Searching for It?

I’m curious.  Someone out there is searching for things like “what is daily ritual” and “why don’t we see the sacred in everyday life” (my personal favorite, because it’s a really good question) and “self care rituals”.  Who are you … Continue reading

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Of Dandelions and Manifestation

It can be easy and it can feel really, really good. I remembered that last night.  I’d gotten away from my ritual challenge.  I’d been telling myself it was too hard, that I didn’t remember why I’d even wanted to … Continue reading

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Why Ritual?

The last few days (half a week, really) have been tough.  Not because anything in particular has happened, but because inspiration and motivation have been hard to come by.  I felt like I was in a rut with my ritual … Continue reading

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