Beautiful Blogger Award

I’ve received another award!  Sammiwitch from The Life and Times of a Forever Witch has nominated me.  (She, unlike me, is a consistent blogger, and she writes thoughtful and informative entries on combining reverence for the natural world with a consciousness of the unseen, for the purpose of living with more sacred intention.)

Seven more interesting things about me:

  1. My computer is having a problem right now that is making it very frustrating for me to type (and if anyone knows how I can fix this please let me know).  When I type certain letters the computer thinks I am trying to use a shortcut and boxes pop up and interrupt my typing and sometimes make it so an entire screen gets messed up visually.  It’s happening at the moment and is impeding my writing this entry.
  2. When I was 2 years old I was admired by John deLancie on a boat in California.  (or maybe I was one and a half–but still–true story!)
  3. I still think Picard is hot.
  4. I own a pair of fairy wings.
  5. I have no idea where I will be living six months from now.  Change is in the air.
  6. I used to collect American Girl dolls, but I had to sell my collection within the past year.
  7. The Nutcracker is still my favorite fairy tale.

I hope to get back to my regular blogging soon (and fix this dang computer issue!).  I don’t have any blogs in mind to nominate at this time, due to having been reading only casually for a while.  I want to change that too, and really connect with people in this land of WordPress.



About Jayleigh

Drawing on experiences within women’s spirituality groups for the past ten years, as well as experiences of creating group ritual within these spaces, I am passionate about bringing the healing and enlivening power of ritual to individuals and communities. I believe that the roots of ceremony lie deep within all of us. Our bodies and hearts know these ancient ways of connecting with each other, with our deepest selves, and with our earth. My work centers around helping people remember ceremony and incorporate it into their lives. My business, Incorporating Ritual (, is a vehicle through which I offer consultation services for creating self-designed ceremony as well as facilitation of ceremonies for life events personal and communal, large and small.
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